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Digital Marketing

We are professionals and responsible formaintaining a brand's online presence and sales byworking on various marketing campaigns. Our duties include researching, strategizing with other professionals and creating content for successful campaigns by: -Planning digital marketing campaigns, including web, SEO/SEM, email, social media and display advertising -Maintaining our social media presence across all digital channels -Measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns


It's our mean of reaching large audience in a cost-effective manner. • What can Advertising do for your business? . - Promote your sales; it can stimulate both primary demand for your product category as well as selective demand for your brand in particular. - Create an image for your brad, or promote your organization ideas. - Support your sales staff and in return gain their support. - Offset competitors' advertising. - Remind and reassure. Our Aim is Not to Make Great Advertising But to Make Great Advertising That Create Awareness Interest Desire Action


• Great brands can demand premium prices, thrive even in economic downturns, attract great employees, and are not easily copied by competitors. Therefore, we always put our efforts in building great brands for your business. -Effective branding and brand management can influence purchase and ownership experiences, create emotional attachments to your products and services, make purchasing decisions easier for your customers, and allow you to command a premium price. . Our branding process enables you to successfully align your vision, brands and marketing communications to attain business leadership. -It includes the four stages of creating a shared vision, understanding your brand's DNA, conducting a brand audit and developing a brand communications strategy. and monitoring and measuring your brand equity.

Public Relations

Our Public Relations department develops multi-disciplined programs that deliver measurable results. Given our foundation of branding and client service, we seek to overcome any challenges and help to meet your company's business goals through effective communications. We develop communications programs that differentiate the company and its offering from its competition, build the brand, garner significant media coverage, and drive action. We offer a variety of specialty communication capabilities, which include but are not limited to: - Media Relations - Special events - Celebrity endorsements -Corporate positioning/image enhancement - Media tours - New product & service launches - National roadshows - Crisis and issues management interactive communications

Event management

We go through the process of planning and hosting a variety of events for business purposes. Include business conventions, training seminars, industry conferences, trade shows, ceremonies, parties, concerts, festivals and press conferences. We follow the clients' instructions and work within a specified budget and predetermined schedule. To set up the events, collaborate with various vendors. For established and new companies, event management can be an essential aspect of their marketing strategy. Organizing small-scale or large-scale events can help promote a brand and further a business's interests. Events create opportunities for people who attend these events to learn about the hosting organization's products and services and may even convert attendees into loyal customers. Additionally, along with making their brands better known, the events that the companies organize can provide marketing education and training to their employees. They can foster team-building exercises, improve relations between different departments, and boost networking across industries. The events may also celebrate business milestones and raise money for various causes. Aspects of event management Planning, organizing and hosting an event can be a very complex process, requiring event managers to control all the creative, technical and logistical elements. Here are some of the duties and actions they must undertake for successful event management: -Coming up with a workable concept for the event -Planning a marketing strategy -Writing and finalizing the script for the event -Working on the audio-visual production -Obtaining necessary permits for hosting the event -Getting insurance -Selecting and booking a venue -Designing the floor plan for booths and other facilities -Complying with health and safety standards -Contacting and negotiating service rates with various vendors -Ordering food and drinks -Creating emergency contingency plans -Coordinating the event -Controlling the event -Monitoring the end of the event Closing the event

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